Beach Engagement Photos | Mordecai + Carly

So excited to finally share my engagement also known as pre-wedding photoshoot session at Bojo Beach, Accra. This is a very special place to me. The reason? Mordecai and I met the very first day and that beach was the first place we visited together.

How We Met

I used to think that fairytale loves deserved to remain in only movies… until I met my Mordecai. Now, I feel like the star in my own romantic film, and every day I can’t believe that I found such an amazing partner. How did I get so fortunate?

First connected with Mordecai through Instagram and I’m so glad we found each other! This happened when one night this cute guy sliding into my Dm and was like “Ugh.. Not again”! It’s kind of scary these days starting a relationship with someone you find online because so many fake profiles. Many pretend to be who they’re not online and that makes it scary. We spent more time talking on phone shortly after exchanging contacts. I right away loved Mordecai because of his transparency. He’s honest, straightforward, and very open.

Not too long after we started talking, he invited me to meet his family. I did. We shared a delicious meal together with his family. We talked. Watched movies.. and had fun. That was a beautiful moment for us.

I loved Bojo beach. The fresh air. The serenity. The calming waves of the sea. Our precious moment there together for us to have a talk, and more…The beautiful memories of the beach just reminds me of him all the time and couldn’t wait to get our pre-wedding shoots there. Isn’t that beautiful?

Isn’t that so cool to see how far we have come since then (early 2018) and to be able to say I’m getting married to the love of my life?


He’s reinstated my faith in real love. Before we met, I met other guys who were either physically attractive to me or emotionally connected to me; I could never get both in the same package. I wondered if I’d ever meet someone who connected with me on all levels. But this guy is, proving to me that there are great loves out there.

We are not only beautiful together, we also love to travel, we love adventure, he runs a successful Travel and Tour business (TRAVEL TIME AFRICA) and I’m also pursuing my passion of being a paramedical Esthetician. Can’t wait to share all our pre-wedding photos here with you!

Engagement shoot
engagement photoshoot
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Be sure to check out Mordecai’s business website here @Travel Time Africa. I’m an upcoming Paramedical Aesthetician. Check us out here on INSTAGRAM and INSTAGRAM. To read more about how I prepared my skin for my big day, TAP HERE