It’s Almost My Wedding Day! What I’m Doing About My Acne

I am finally getting married in few weeks! Yes, it’s happening and I’m super excited. So I am in my bride mode and already browsing all over the net with so many researches on planning for my wedding. Of course It’s going to be a beautiful private outdoor wedding surrounded by few family members and friends. Carly is an overthinker lol. Even though I’m a super optimistic woman with so much positive vibes, I also keep thinking about what can go wrong with my skin. Could that be some out-of-nowhere breakout? Probably! I just want my skin to glow on my D-Day.

Hormonal acne has been with me for few years now and I definitely hate it! So, instead of spending time feeling miserable because of my acne, I’m currently taking steps work on my skin.

Have you ever taken notes of this, your skin breaking out just few days before a special event? What’s next? Frustrations, stress, finding means and ways to get rid of that acne because its such a special event and you want to look your absolute best. A huge acne flareup on your wedding day can be a disaster right? Skincare professionals such as dermatologists and estheticians can help us on how to handle this situation. Let me share with you what I’m doing to make my skin look good before that day. Read on to find out….

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Counting Down 70 Days before My Wedding Day

I agree that I have to be serious about my skincare routine, starting today. Sticking to my regimen such as regular exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing can play a huge role. That’s less what I’ve been doing previously. Because I’m an esthetician myself, I’m doing all the treatment by myself at home. Of course I can also visit a spa, nothing wrong with it. Just cutting off certain cost lol. I’m following that routine and sticking to it without changing products for like a month and two weeks.

20 – 10 Days Before My Day

Okay so let’s say I have like 20 days ahead before my big day and I notice a painful bump under my skin (my face). Sure I know this is an upcoming pimple right under the skin waiting for few hours or days before showing up! What’s the best thing to do? I Keep my hands completely away from my face according to skincare experts. When I feel like squeezing or popping this painful thing on my skin, I always remember that when I do that, there’s a high chance of me spreading bacteria deep inside my skin which can make the healing process too long. Then, remember to stay away from heavy makeup if possible. Myself haven’t been wearing makeup lately.

Warm Compress Can Help

When I experience acne few days to an event special to me, I love applying warm compress on the acne, what I mean is warming up a very clean piece of towel (not hot) and gently pressing on the area for few minutes and leave it alone. Second option to try: Place a bag of green tea in warm water and apply on skin before bedtime to help drain the clogged pores. (This method has saved me a lot of times. feel free to try it).

Wedding day green tea

5 -To 3 Days Before Your Wedding Day

I don’t try new products on my skin. Because of how frustrating acne can be, we sometimes make mistakes by trying every new product we’re being told to try. This has happened to me personally before, which I regret to this day. I almost ruined my face for trying too many different products at a time because I was desperate. This is what I’m currently doing instead:

  • Cutting out dairy products such as: Milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt and Ice cream
  • Staying away from protein supplements
  • Replacing old makeup sponges, brushes and tools for new ones because these can cause additional breakouts
  • A diet based on high GI (glycemic Index) foods that causes elevated blood glucose and insulin has been shown to cause and worsen inflammation. So, I’m definitely cutting down on these for sometime for the sake of my skin.

Research more on foods considered as high glycemic index and don’t forget to check out on more awesome post like this here.

wedding day dairy products

A Day Before My Wedding Day

In fact I would be leaving my skin as it is without stressing myself at all. No sort of treatment. A gentle cleanse with cold water does wonders to my skin at night before sleeping, so I’ll probably be doing that. I need to thank myself for all the hard work I’ve been doing up till this day. A good rest is very important a day before my day.

Day Of My Wedding

I will relax much more than everyday! Even if my skin doesn’t turn out exactly as I planned, I don’t need to panic. Remember this! I’ll let the makeup do the wonders. I’m sure I will be doing my own makeup or maybe I might let someone do that for me, but whichever way I’m so positive .

Do you know that your skin issues are more noticeable to you than how people see it? They don’t even see it to be a big deal like how we worry too much about it.

If you’re getting married in few months or weeks like me, try all these steps I’ve written about. Stay calm and don’t get stressed out. Don’t kill yourself over an acne. Remember It’s your day. Have fun. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!