Carly’s Green Garden Bridal Shower

Hello There! This is Carly over here, your favorite friend. I’m here today to share with you a part of my pre-wedding stuffs that I love. I mean, “My Bridal Shower”. It’s been quite some weeks now I haven’t published anything on my blog due to how busy I’ve been lately concerning so many things I can’t wait to share with you all.

On Friday 18th March, 2022 my bridal shower took place at Sweet Garden, Kumasi and I couldn’t be more excited to share all the details with you here today.

With the help of LKB Kreations, my friend and one of my bridesmaid, my vison for a chic, tropical bridal shower came to life. She’s available on Instagram please search for her. She along with my fabulous best friends I could ever have contributed to make my color theme a beautiful and elegant one. The greenery, the plants, trees and flowers are what I love and wanted to be surrounded with. It was the perfect setting for dining, mingling, and playing games all for the sake of showering the beautiful bride to-be. Not forgetting our photographer who was very nice, friendly and professional to work with. He was so patience with us girls too when helping us with the setting, poses and more. You can search for him on social media as @Daddyboatphotography (Instagram / Facebook).


My most favorite part was walking into the beautiful venue to see what my dearest friends secretly planned for me the whole time. I was speechless! It looked like a scene from The Secret Garden (one of my favorite books as a child). Can’t forget the sweet popcorn, the Ice cream, the champagne, wine, cookies, the dance…. I was flooded with love and gratitude!! My wedding will be romantic and timeless and that is how my bridal shower felt.

Not to forget is another surprise just a night before my wedding day! Coming Up in my next blog post. 😉 I wish I could relive it again. I am beyond thankful to these lovelies.

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If you’re planning for your wedding and you need some inspirations for your décor, well, I’ll say search online! That’s what I love doing. Research. Search for colors that resonate with you. The color you dream of. The color you can’t live without, the flowers, the objects and more..

Sit. Relax. Have Your Coffee Handy & Enjoy Watching My Bridal Shower Photos

bridal shower
Bridal shower
my bridal shower photo
Bridal Shower
Bridal shower
bridal shower