(Skincare For Men)Unlock The Secret Of Men With Beautiful Skin

Hey guys! How are you doing? This is your girl Licernia Carly Quaye. Guess what? I’m super excited to share this piece of hot cake topic with you this week! Hope your day is going so well like me. Hey you pretty lady reading this, even though you can pick a valuable lesson from this post, It’s going to be mainly about our men. Hmmm.. we don’t often talk much about men skincare in our society because everything related to beauty & skincare is always about us women.

Gentlemen, today we are speaking to you! And yes, men’s beauty routines exist! Who said that taking care of yourself is 100% feminine? Dry skin, combination skin or oily skin, although the structure of your skin is slightly different from that of women, they have the same problems.

Talking of hydration, nutrition or anti-aging, targeted acne treatments or razor irritation, read on for more details.

Men skincare


The difference between men’s skincare routine & women’s skincare routine comes from the fact that the skin structure is not the same. This difference is mainly linked to hormones: testosterone, the male hormone which makes the skin thicker and sometimes rougher!

On the other hand, estrogens, which is also female hormones, make the skin softer, smoother and finer. It is also estimated that a man’s skin is 20% thicker than a woman’s! Hormones also act in the secretion of sebum (the natural oil produced by our skin). Estrogens tend to slow down production while testosterone accelerates it! This is often why as teenagers you were more affected by acne than your female friends.

Rest assured gentlemen, your skin thickness does not only have negative points! Your thicker epidermis and your excess sebum offer you the luxury of having skin that ages better than women. Yours is better protected from external aggressions (sun, wind, pollution) and it’s naturally hydrated: everything you need to delay skin aging!

All these positive elements should not, however, serve as excuses for not caring for your skin! Moisturizing cream, aftershave lotion or even treatment oil have just as much place in a toiletry bag for men as for women.


Men skincare

Don’t forget gentlemen, beauty is universal and there is no shame in using treatments and even less in enjoying them! The steps in your beauty routine do not need to be multiple for it to be effective. Honestly, three, or four, steps are enough:

  • Cleanse your skin (With your gentle preferred cleanser
  • Moisturize your skin, regardless of your skin type! (There are lots of skincare producs formulated for each and every skin type. Look for one)
  • Apply additional care (acne or razor bumps, skin inflammation, dry patches, etc.)
  • On beard shaving days, apply a soothing, anti-inflammatory oil to calm razor burn.

The first three steps must be carried out morning and evening, every day of the week! Having a good skincare routine also means knowing how to choose the right products. Most of the time you will have the choice between products:

  • Conventional ( Skincare products that are made with synthetic ingredients. Most written on the product labels)
  • Natural: (Non-toxic; Free from synthetic ingredients that maybe linked to health issues)
  • Organic: Meaning skincare ingredients sourced from the farm/ grown on organic farms)


Conventional beauty products are often very attractive due to their designs, their promises but also their masculine scents, we fall for them quite easily without wondering what is really in them.

Natural and organic products are just as attractive due to their packaging made from recycled materials or glass, their frank promises and their natural smells to die for. But then, where should you turn to take care of your skin?

By choosing conventional products, you expose yourself, without knowing it, to irritating, polluting and sometimes suspected carcinogenic components.

Natural and organic products are evaluated by strict organization which prohibit a large list of controversial ingredients. The formulas are mainly made with natural products such as butters or vegetable oils, essential oils, gentler foaming agents and safe preservatives!


men skincare

As we saw above, excess sebum on your skin can cause a tendency to acne. Take these few actions to avoid breakouts and skin inflammation.

  • Use a gentle clenser to wash your face well every day. (morning and evening if necessary)
  • Choose the right cream to moisturize your skin: in terms of texture, opt for light creams, such as jelly, which penetrate more easily into the skin without blocking your pores.
  • Once or twice a week, perform a purifying scrub to remove dead surface skin cells. Check out my previous post on how you can make your own natural scrub and use it at home.
  • Once or twice a week, feel free to use a facial mask or moisturizing mask to promote cell renewal and healing of the skin.

Of course, it is better to wait for the pimples to go away on their own than to touch or squeeze them. In fact, healing will be better and inflammation much shorter! To help the acne or pimples heal faster, massage a little bit of essential oil to the spot.


Another major difference between a man’s skin and a woman’s: shaving! Daily, weekly or monthly, shaving your beard is not necessarily a pleasant moment for your skin… To make it less irritative and more healthy, let me share few tips: SKINCARE TIPS FOR MEN 2024

  • Use a razor with clean, sharp blades: this way you avoid infections.
  • Apply a good nutritive oil to the area you want to shave before applying your shaving cream. It forms a protection between the skin and the blade.
  • Use a good cleansing gel to gently cleanse your skin.
  • Reapply the nutritive oil using circular movements to soothe the skin, limit the appearance of spots and moisturize it.

These few steps will soothe and help your skin heal after shaving with a razor blade. If you tend to have dry skin, the double hydration of oil and cream will be an additional help!

Don’t forget to do more research so you can come out with the appropriate shaving products for your skin. Remember to also read all the reviews on that product’s pages. Both good and bad reviews to make an informed decision especially if you’re new to the products.

If you read to the end, Thanks very much!

Xoxoxo…. Licernia. (Ghanaian Beauty and skincare blogger)