Many of us are doing our best to keep a good skincare routine for a young-looking healthy skin. These maybe sticking to an ‘all natural’ skincare or sticking to an organic diet. That’s a good job, Keep it up!! But you might be committed to few unhealthy habits you may not know. Most of us are doing that.

These are at least 9 things we might be doing wrong at least once in our lives!

You want a beautiful, healthy young-looking skin, less wrinkles appearance, clean pores? Check up these!



Exfoliate your skin regularly.


Our skin sheds off dead skin cells naturally everyday and needs to be cleared off using good Dead Sea scrub that exfoliate and at the same time providing the skin with nutritive minerals. As you get older, your need to exfoliate your skin increases, besides,  you will want your good skincare products to absorb well, and of course, not being topped up on dead skin cells.
For those of us with oily or sensitive skin, we might do well to look for very mild scrub, and being careful not to exfoliate too vigorously, which can result in skin irritation. For most people, 2 or 3 times a week does a great job. But as you age, you will increase it to 3 or 4 times a week with a mild scrub suitable for your skin type. 



For healthy living, reduce your intake of pre-packaged foods.

We hear this thousand times. “You are what you eat”. Many times, we can’t talk about having a beautiful healthy skin and skip our food intake, what’s happening inside. Of course, nobody can tell you to be a vegetarian, gluten-free person or a vegan. Nope! But you can be assured there are wide range of healthy diet plans out there for you to choose from.

Even though it sometimes can be challenging to start preparing food right from scratch, so you can avoid the urge to fall into a pre-package frozen foods, preparing fresh foods is a great way to stay healthy inside out. At least, you’ll know what your food is made up of.

Different colored fruits provide different benefits. Why not try to have salads or smoothies every day or frequently to up your intake of fruits, vegetables and nuts.
You can make it fun and multicolored on your plate to cover your nutritional bases.



Avoid harsh chemically-made laundry detergents


Many of the chemicals found in laundry detergents, which you might be using, some of which are linked to cancer, lung damage, and of course, hormone disruptions.
Knowing that these clothes are on your body long during the day and sleeping on your pillow all night, I’m sure you might want to think twice what you use to wash your clothes.

Please Note that we’re not saying chemical detergents cause acne breakouts or skin wrinkles!
But some people are very sensitive and reacts to chemicals, and cause irritation than others.
Knowing that one third of our lives, we have these chemicals on our body or face will not guarantee us a healthy skin or complexion.



Drink at least 7-8 cups of water everyday

We’ve all heard that statistic says our body is made up of 85% Water. With drinking sufficient water daily, our organs are able to function properly, transporting nutrients to the places they need to go in our body, and removing or flushing out every toxic substance from our system. Yet still, we find reasons not to hydrate.
You might be thing of peeing all day. Water being boring. Or something else.

You can make drinking water fun when you add some natural fruit flavors, maybe few orange or lemon juices, strawberries etc. Knowing that our body cannot function properly without water or with insufficient water should make us think of taking in more fluids.
So do yourself a favor and drink up!



Dry skin needs more moisture.


Scales and flakes are the first sign of dryness. Though exfoliating will slough away loose patches on the spot, that rough treatment can actually disrupt the barrier that balances moisture in the skin. So instead of scrubbing away, soothe dryness with hydration instead. Increase your intake of fluids, both water and water-based foods will do a good job. Good day and night skin care routine with fragrance-free lotions and creams with moisturizers like glycerin, and butters like cocoa and shea absorb quickly and leave your skin quenched but not greasy.



Sleeping with makeup on ages the skin 10x faster.


Back home from your occasion. You’re tired. Eyes looking heavy and are closing against your will. You might start thinking, how about I sleep with my makeup on only for tonight? Hey, wait! Wake up, it’s time to wash off your makeup!
Most makeup are full of chemicals, which some are comedogenic too. Leaving your skin overnight with makeup on can speed up skin aging, block pores, and more.

Even before you work out, your makeup need to be washed off!
When you break a sweat, your pores open up, oil, dirt, and of course, your makeup will get in there, which isn’t a good skin habit.

Pillow cases must be washed off, and should always be clean.
Imagine a good night skin routine along with sleeping on a clean pillow, you will no doubt sleep so well.




Be choosy when it comes to skin care products. Many brands use alcohol in their skin care product to help the ingredients mix well together to form a finished product, some use it to act as a preservative, and some to shrink your pores for a short time.

Some of the alcohols used are very irritating, and can cause damage to the skin.
Some have petroleum-derived additives in that your skin wouldn’t want to have.

Instead of using alcohol-based products which are not healthy for your skin, why don’t you replace them with aloe juice, and some plant-based ingredients out there that won’t dry out your skin and cause irritations. Believe me, your skin will thank you for that.



Research looked at the connections between blood sugar and aging. Participants who tested with higher blood sugar levels were also rated as looking older than their age.

Well, skin aging of course, isn’t the only reason to cut down on sugar. Constantly spiking our blood sugar levels and then crashing down is an unhealthy cycle that many of us subjects our bodies to, and our skin shows it.

Make informed choice about which kind of sweetener you use and pay more than the usual attention to how much sugar is in the prepared foods we buy outside there.
Stay healthy by cutting off unhealthy sugar in your diet!




We say unnatural because many of the makeup brands out there use ingredients that can cause you more harm than good.

Many of us like to put on makeup whether occasionally or for everyday coverage . Of course, there’s nothing wrong to put on a foundation, concealer or maybe blush to enhance your beauty.

Some makeup brands, as said earlier contain toxic ingredients that makes it unnatural, and can clog your pores, irritate your skin, create a barrier that keeps your skin from free passage of fresh air. So your skin will feel worse over time as you keep using them.

We favor natural mineral makeup brands without preservatives and fragrances. These natural makeup are a healthy way to even out your skin tone, no chemicals added, and can cover skin imperfections for everyday use without harming your skin.