African Makeup Brands You Should Definitely Try

Estée Lauder originated from New York, USA. Cativa Natureza originated from Brazil. Ahava from Israel, Clinique from USA, L’Oréal is to Paris and much more.

Let’s turn our attention to our African continent. Do Africans have any skincare or makeup brands cherished by majority? You know any indigenous African makeup brands and do you think they are worth our money? Let’s have a look at these African makeup brands that are worth knowing. Much more so, why you should definitely consider giving them a try.

Why should we try buying from our brands?

  • Firstly, we help support our nation and our fellow entrepreneurs
  • Secondly we avoid paying huge taxes by buying from a different country.
  • Lastly, They’re more cheaper.

Let’s take a look at these few quality makeup from our African continent.

Color Box Cosmetics ( Ghana)

Producers of my favourite beauty blender and their trademark highlighters (Melanin Glow). Colorbox Cosmetics is one of Ghana’s leading makeup brand. It is founded in 2013 by Stephanie Adu, a British born Ghanaian. Colorbox Cosmetics produces a wide range of beauty products including eyelashes and makeup brushes.

Catch up with Colorbox Cosmetics on their website.

Forever Claire Cosmetics (Ghana)

Grace Amey-Obeng is one of the best-known women entrepreneurs in Ghana. She built her business as a response to the rising trend of skin bleaching among African women in the 1980s and 1990s.

Grace launched her cosmetics products line, Forever Clair, which promotes the beauty of black African skin at a time when many of the competing product lines were selling very popular, but dangerous, skin bleaching formulas; including soaps and body cream. She has tons of Makeup products for shade. These includes, primers, foundations, loose powders and press powders, eyebrow pencils, eye liners and more. Be sure to check out their instagram account too.

Ebene Cosmetics ( Senegal)

Makeup has a very important place in the market these days with an extraordinary consumption on a daily basis.

Particularly in Senegal, makeup is one of the best-selling products, rich or poor, they all buy it.

There are many brands represented in the country but often, the big brands do not have enough shades or colors representative enough of the Senegalese market that they want to conquer. Increasingly, international brands are starting to realize this and create new, more suitable products.

On the other hand, I always wondered if there were a 100% Senegalese makeup brands and I present to you the one with the most diverse range of products that I have found to date: Ebene Cosmetics.

Zaron Cosmetics (Nigeria)

The Founder and CEO of Zaron Cosmetics is Oke Maduewesi. It was founded in 2011. Oke Maduewesi has an MBA from the University of Leeds and was a former bank manager at Zenith Bank Plc.

Zaron cosmetics is however immensely popular with 25 franchise outlets and 800 distributors in Nigeria and other African countries. Be sure to check out their Instagram account.

Joanna K Cosmetics (Kenya)

Joanna’s story is a very inspiring one. Joanna Kinuthia (the owner) started off as a content creator where she taught people how to apply makeup. Moreover, she became a self-taught makeup artist and even had pop-up classes where she got to interact with her followers as they learnt the art together. she quit her first job after university so as to pursue her content creation career, something that clearly worked out. On December 2018, she launched her make up brand; Joanna K Cosmetics. A few launches down the line and she has lipsticks, an eye shadow pallet, eyelashes and lip glosses. Their products are of great Visit their website

Aiche & Co Cosmetics (Mali)

Aiche & Co cosmetic has a wide range of beauty products like lipsticks, eyelashes, contact lenses, foundation palettes and so on which are very popular in the African market.

My favorite product therefore is certainly their foundation. The best thing about Aiche & Co Cosmetics is how they take note of black women different complexions and, produce products that easily blends with their skin. Okay so check their website here.

Jacque Mgido Cosmetics (Zimbabwe)

Jacque Mgido is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion is in helping women of all colors to shine. She believes that darker complexions have been neglected by the cosmetics and beauty industry, so she started her own brand. However, she doesn’t describe her line as just a “black” brand. Her motivation is to make her beauty secrets, make up, and skin care line available to the entire world.

Check out their website over here.

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