I’m sure you’ve heard of the word “sebaceous filaments” before. But sometimes, people confuse the two ( Sebaceous filament & Blackheads). Unlike blackheads that are clogged hair follicles that needs to be cleared, I’m sure by the end of reading this post, you’ll have an idea about what sebaceous filament is and in fact, know how to reduce the appearance of it.

So, let’s start now!

SEBACEOUS FILAMENT:   they’re not bad but completely normal function of the skin and happen when oils (sebum) forms around the hair follicles. They are more visible in oily areas of our skin and appear as tiny whitish dots on areas such as chin,  nose, cheeks and  forehead, in other words, our T-zone. Each and everyone of us has it, and they are found in every hair follicle of our skin! They can be squeezed out by pinching the skin. These are of course, not infection or any other form of acne. They help Chanel the flow of sebum(the skin’s natural oil) within a given skin pore, allowing it to seep gradually to the surface. 


Well, nothing much can be done to prevent it at all, and there’s nothing to worry about having it. What the sebaceous filament actually does is, they’re meant to moisturize or maintain the skin’s moisture level. But there’s a good thing you can do. A dermatologist, An Esthetician, or a certified beauty therapist can help you extract it, but it will not solve it completely because they are needed in order to carry sebum ( skin’s natural oils) through the hair follicle to the surface of the skin.
Even if the sebaceous filaments are extracted, they’ll continue to com back in time to continue the work for being there, that is to nourish or lubricate the skin.
The best way to minimize its appearance is to develop a good skincare routine.
Let’s see how:

  • Wash your face twice everyday to remove build up of oils. Do not wash more than twice a day, it can cause over-production of sebum, in the end will cause more sebaceous filament.
  • Use a gentle cleanser for your skin. It shouldn’t cause redness or irritate your skin.
  • Use oil-free products. Always choose oily-free skincare products or non-comedogenic makeup, lotions, creams for your skin.
  • Use good face scrubs to help remove dead skin cells and also help minimize the appearance of the sebaceous filament on your skin. Make sure to look out for mild scrubs that will not irritate your skin.