Inexpensive Way To Look Expensive
Look expensive in inexpensive clothe

Do you think you can ONLY look chic and fabulous in expensive designer brands and wears? Think again! There are numerous ways you can save money without sacrificing style. Read on, let me show you how to look expensive in an inexpensive way 😉

Ways To Look Expensive on a budget (Fashion)

  • IRONING IS EVERYTHING: Do you already have some beautiful clothing you bought at the thrift store? You might not be able to afford the latest designer shoe, bag or dress but you can look expensive in what you already have. Before heading out to town, or wherever you’re going, take your time, iron your chosen clothe to a super clean look. I know right? Who is a fan of ironing? Well, some of us hate ironing. Trust me, I always look and feel confident anytime I’m able to use just 5 minutes of my time to iron my dress before going out.
How to look expensive in an inexpensive way
  • LAYER WHEN DRESSING UP: Layering mean, one, two or more garments worn on top of each other. Color is key when layering. Keeping one or two colors to your look or playing around with different color tops is best. Check what suits you best! Furthermore, you can achieve a perfect and expensive layered look with just what you have in your closet.
a girl wearing layered dress. Looking expensive in inexpensive way.
looking expensive in a layered dress
chic and expensive in an inexpensive dress
flat lay of layered dress
  • DRESS UP WITH JEANS: I love wearing jeans, and I look fabulous in it! There are awesome ways to look expensive in inexpensive jeans. I’m literally obsessed with tacked-in dresses because it brings out the chicness in me. Wearing jeans might be just a basic piece of clothing but it just doesn’t have to look ‘just basic’. Try wearing tight jeans with blousy tops to balance it. You’ll definitely look chic and expensive in that! While trying to look expensive in these clothing, don’t forget to keep it simple and elegant!
looking expensive
black jeans with a white top
A black skinny jean with a white sleeved top
  • DO SOME PAIRING WITH BLACK & GOLD TOGETHER: Combining these two colors brings out the luxury in you! Moreover, these are very chic color combination that always look nice, & expensive. Do you have black pieces of dresses that would match an expensive gold jewelry? They are the best! Try searching online many black and gold matching outfits. In addition to that, you’ll definitely get more ideas and other inspirations.
Looking expensive in an inexpensive way with gold dress.
Gold dress with black top.
Looking expensive in inexpensive way
  • DO YOU LOVE WEARING BROOCHES? Search for beautiful inexpensive brooches to add to your style. It’s never old fashioned to wear/ attach a piece of golden or silver brooch to your black top. It’s simply classy & chic.
inexpensive brooch
  • HAVE YOU TRIED TIEING A SCARF AROUND YOUR NECK? Firstly, Nope! It’s not outdated. Secondly, It’s fashionable. Whether you tie the scarf in your hair or on your neck it’s so chic! In order to look expensive in that look, go for a satin or silky scarf. Anything less wouldn’t give you that expensive look vibe.
looking chic and expensive
look expensive in inexpensive way

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