How To Properly Introduce New Skincare Ingredients
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Properly introduce new skincare ingredients in your skincare routine. How do you do that? You’re probably like some of us who keep updating their skincare regimen with new skincare products frequently. Well, maybe, your skin isn’t behaving like it should, so?…

One thing we should be sure of is that: Purchase skincare products based on your skin type. If you’re acne-prone, look out for non-comedogenic ingredients. Do you have a dry skin type? surely go for products very rich in moisturizing oils to be able to nourish your skin enough. If your skin if sensitive, of course, look out for skincare products that are very gentle and mild on the skin. The list goes on… See a skincare specialist if you are confused about which product to choose from. How do you properly introduce new skincare ingredients?

A young lady introducing a new skincare ingredients on her skin.

Sometimes, when our skin isn’t behaving that well, we tend to keep switching from one product to the other in search for the one that works well on our skin. Because some of these skincare products contain active ingredients, they require a little more time to work. These active ingredients are considered to be effective and intense. Otherwise, we might start experiencing negative reactions such as redness of the skin, peeling, excessive dryness and even new breakouts.

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Would you love to know how you should go about when introducing new skincare ingredients properly?

When Introducing New skincare Ingredients, Firstly, Read Product Review:

I know this statement might not kind of sound that well in the beginning, but trust me, it’s one of the best thing you can do. Relating my experience here: After a long search of a certain face oil I found online, I finally got one. I came home and checked online for reviews on the product. Something I should’ve done before purchasing. All I could read were bad reviews! 80% over 100 were bad reviews. Couldn’t return the products too. Sounds crazy right? lol Read reviews based on the personal experiences of the people who purchased it. Did it help them? Did they suffer a reaction? Okay, sounds cool!

When Introducing New skincare Ingredients, Do A Patch Test

Introduce a new skincare ingredient with a patch test
patch test

What is a patch test? It simply mean applying a small amount of new skincare product to a small, discreet area of the skin. Can be your T-zone area, inside your elbow, behind your ear or any sensitive area of your skin and wait for 24 hours to see how your skin reacts to it. If the new product you’re trying contains some active ingredients, you just want to make sure you don’t want to cause any additional skin problem so, do a patch test first.

You don’t need a patch test if it’s just a simple natural, clean products. Unless your skin is sensitive.

Try One Product At A Time

Sometimes you’re just so tired and fed up with how your skin looks and you can be tempted to use so many products at a time. Let’s say, you’re having some beauty supplements, bunch of facial cleansers and toners, facial scrubs, face oils and moisturizers, face mask, etc… trying all these at once!! Sometimes, they work, other times they worsen the skin, creating the problems that never existed in the first place!

In order to know the exact products that’s working for you and which ones aren’t, you need to start with one product at a time. Try giving it at least two or 3 weeks to see how it’s working for your skin. Unless your skin is quickly reacting to it in a negative way, you’ll need to stop!

Ice Cubes

Ice cube is well known for keeping inflammation down. If your skin isn’t responding good on certain occasions due to ineffective skincare products, stop using it, cleanse your face with cool water. Put ice cubes on it to bring down or reduce the appearance of inflammation.

Just Before A big Event

Just before a big event, some of us experience some form of new breakouts due to excessive anxiety or stress. You want to look your best and walk confidently. I love using green tea and ice on my face few nights before bedtime and I love it. It Works. If you experience one or two breakouts before an event, just dab a wet teabag chilled with ice on the affected area. You’re surely good to go!

NOTE: Stay away from hot or steamed water, because it can make your skin worse than it looks.