Would you love to get a beautiful skin? Get a healthy young looking skin by following or avoiding the following:

a young looking skin

Slim Down

 If you’re above 20% body fat as a man and above 25% body fat as a woman, you’ll look a lot older. So drop the weight!

Work Out

Regular exercise not only makes you look younger, it will make you a lot healthier. Moreover, working out can slow aging and preserve a lot of strength and coordination in old age.

weight lost

Watch what you eat to achieve a glowing & beautiful skin

Eat clean 90% of the time. Veggies. Lean protein. Starchy carbs. Healthy fats that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat more fruits & veggies and less meat to achieve a young- looking beautiful skin

Meat, particularly red meat, has shown to produce TMAO when cooked. Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), is then processed in your live when eating red meat and may lead to cardiovascular disease as well as cancer.

fruits and veggies to slow down aging

Enjoy Coldness

Cold exposure has shown to activate longevity genes, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. So, cold showers, exercising in the cold and ice baths are on the menu. cold showers have shown to reduce all cause mortality in many studies.

No Smoking if you want to achieve a beautiful skin

That makes sense!

Never microwave your food in plastic containers!

Cancer cell builder No.1. So much chemicals found in plastics. In addition to cancer cells come other health issues too. Avoid at all cost.

Reduce your intake of alcohol

Flooding your brain and body with drugs and alcohol, is neuro- and cell toxic, leading to all kinds of ageing processes.

photo of alcohol

Cut down on refine sugars for a beautiful skin

To much sugar can lead to ageing process and makes it hard to stay lean. Not because carbs make you fat, but because they make you incredibly hungry AFTER eating them, so you end up overeating regularly. Therefore, opt for natural sweetener. Check out this post

Regulate your stress level and take care of your mental health

 Learn to calm your mind by taking deep breaths. The 4–7–8 method works wonders for me. Breathe out fully, then breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and then breathe out. Repeat three times. Works wonders whenever I’m stressed out, feel overwhelmed or unfocused. Moreover, excessive stress can lead to additional health issues you’re not ready for. You can get great inspirations on that over here on Pinterest.

Keep your brain engaged & active

How can you do this? I love reading reading and reading! . Read. Learn languages. Improve your memory. Stop googling everything and don’t rely online personas to make decisions and think for you.

prevent skin from aging

Tailor your nutrition to your genetics

Won’t get into all the details, but this is critical. Want to know why you digest certain foods better than others? Why do some foods give you nasty farts and stomach aches? Why do you get headaches? It might be, that you can’t stomach (pun intended) some foods, because your genetic makeup doesn’t conform with the food item.

prevent skin from aging

Hi loves this is the end of my article and sure you enjoyed it! Do you have any addition to these few ones stated over here? I surely welcome any addition to these points listed. Do you have questions concerning what I’ve written? Would love to hear you out!

Stay safe…. Protect yourself always…