Botox -A Famous American Fashion Icon Bashes Its Use

A popular American fashion designer and film maker who is now into the beauty field has a message to send to stars addicted to injections (BOTOX): there is no point in chasing eternal youth. “People inject way too many things into their faces and body”, he laments in an episode of the podcast Table for Two With Bruce Bozzi broadcast on May 2. “When you look at any number of celebrities today, you say, ‘Oh my God, what do they see when they look in the mirror?’ They don’t even look like themselves anymore”.



Considering botox

The fashion designer even speaks of a phenomenon of “facial dysmorphia”, a disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with an imaginary flaw in physical appearance. “I think a lot of these people are losing touch with who they were. Someone sees a line on the skin and he or she thinks they have to fill it out. They see a wrinkle and they have to fill it. They see someone else’s lips and they think they need that.” He continues to express his clear disapproval: “I think it’s a cultural problem for us. I think everything should be done in moderation.


According to the 60 year old, the best way to feel good about yourself is to accept the passage of time. People can make certain comments like “You are getting old! Well, It’s even weird sometimes when people don’t seem to age.” He expresses his point of view on beauty: “At a certain point, you have to give up “the idea of ​​being the best in show business and settling for being the best in your category.” He concluded with a piece of advice to listeners: “When you reach a certain age, look the best you can. Take care of yourself. Eat well balanced diet, exercise, it’s always the same usual things we hear, and it’s true.”

Tom Ford himself has already admitted to having succumbed to Botox injections in the past. He claims to have put an end to this practice when his son was born in 2012. “I decided to get older. Since we had Jack, I haven’t had a Botox injection or filler. I didn’t have time,” he confided in an interview with WWD magazine in 2014.

People inject too many things into their faces”: Tom Ford deplores the overuse of surgery among celebrities”

Before thinking of getting a botox, please do lots of researches. This procedure comes with lots of pros and cons.


It’s true that aging brings hardships, but remember that the old are survivors.

Wisdom, resilience and a mature perspective are often cited as the hard-won prizes of aging. Did you know that growing old itself is an accomplishment?

“But if you get to be older, you have survived a lot of the threats to your physical and psychological integrity that have affected other people who are no longer around,” psychologist Whitbourne says.

Through blessing or good genes or both, the old have dodged fatal accidents, premature disease, and other things that kill the young. “You are stronger, and you get to live longer,” she says. “Most people think that’s a benefit.”

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