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Well, some people have great skin no matter what they do. While many of us have to do all we can, and try our best to have a beautiful skin. This is where our genes play a big role, and we cannot change that. So for the rest of us who got acne- prone skin, let us consider these 4 major reasons why we get acne:

clogged pores

Our skin constantly renews itself when it sheds off dead skin cells. But sometimes, these cells can get stuck in our pores and clog them leading to blackheads and whiteheads.

Excessive production of sebum

Sebum, produced by the sebaceous gland is a bit sticky, so if it’s been produced excessively, your pore is likely to get clogged. This can lead to more bacteria and pore blockage, In the end, acne is more likely to develop.


Inflammation and swelling in the skin increases the possibility of clogged pores. This is what actually makes acne look red.


Acne-causing bacteria known as p. acne, in full (propionibacterium acne) lives on our skin. This bacteria can grow out of control inside a pore that is clogged or blocked.