You can look absolutely stunning despite your acne. The world of skin and how to care for it has always been complex or complicated so to say and it will always be. Acne and other skin issues can be so frustrating that you wish to hide your face from the world if that seem possible. Acne can affect more than your skin. 

For many who have been battling with acne, it affects them more than the common skin issue.  It can go as far as becoming an emotional issue. That feeling of looking ugly or unattractive with the pimples on your face, I’ve been there before so I completely get it!  

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Few  years ago, I got some facials from a friend who was practicing how to do facials at that time. I honestly can’t remember the products she used on my face and 4 days later, my face got messed up! Newly formed acne one after the other and was extremely difficult to get rid of them. My face was filled with bumps with terrible appearance hard to see. I spent lots of money jumping from one product to the other. From pharmaceutical products to cosmetic products in the market but NONE seemed to work out. My face was a complete mess, and didn’t know what to do. Feelings of frustrations, can’t do nice makeup anymore, can’t confidently go out joyfully like I used to.

These were the comments I received from people and close friends.

  • ” What are you doing about your pimples, they’re getting serious.
  • Your face used to be very beautiful back then but now..
  • You’re very beautiful so don’t allow pimples to destroy your face.
  • I know someone who sell acne products maybe you can try them they’ll work for you.
  • Eww I can’t stand seeing these pimples on your face.. 
  • And more I’m trying to remember..

I felt very bad about these comments at first but in time, I stopped thinking about all those negative comments and focused more on my happiness. That’s when I started feeling better.

stunning lady with acne

Always remember that some people will always say things about your acne that might hurt you but don’t worry. It’s your face, it’s your skin, you have full control when it comes to how to react to such comments.  


Struggling with acne can have a huge mental and emotional impact on us. See if you can relate to this:

  • Chronic stress
  • Lower self esteem
  • Avoiding outing with friends or family because you want to look your best esp. with makeup on, not with face full of acne
  • Lack of confidence around people or your partner
  • Depression or social anxiety

Dealing with acne doesn’t have to define you. Your beauty cannot be judged based on your pimples or acne. 

  1. Firstly, recognize that not even acne can interfere with your beauty.
  2. Do not let the anxiety left by dealing with pimples interfere with your daily activities
  3. Acne, scars and blemishes on your face don’t define you, so don’t let them.  You’re sexy, You’re beautiful!
looking stunning with acne

While doing all you can to feel confident or stunning despite dealing with acne, do your best to cut down foods that make existing acne worse. Sugary foods and dairy products have been linked to worsening of existing acne. 

There’s evidence to show that acne can be triggered by dairy. The reason is that, milk is shown to increase the growth of calves, it naturally contains growth hormones and anabolic steroids.  

Remember no one should be able to label your skin as something you should be ashamed of.

Your skin might not look like a celebrity  who’s skin has been airbrushed or photoshopped on a computer, but it is beautiful as it is. Normalize flaunting your acne because it is part of who we are. Your skin makes up your beautiful lips, your eyes, nose and your body has been through so much. So don’t view your acne or breakouts as bad or unattractive. 


  • MOISTURIZE DAILY– Keeping your skin always moisturized is one of the best ways to a glowing complexion, even with acne.
  • KEEP STRESS UNDER CONTROL– Continuous stress can seriously have negative impact on your skin, and even make existing acne worse than they already are. Develop positive outlook in life. Have fun with your skincare routine (putting face mask on, have facials, exercise and have a good sleep habit)
  • I’ve heard many times to wash face with hot water when dealing with acne but don’t! Washing your face with hot water can actually strip your skin barrier of its natural oils, which can leave your skin dry and lead to more complicated acne. Too cold water either wouldn’t get the job done so go for luke-warm water.
  • IMPORTANCE OF GOOD SLEEP – According to skincare experts, inadequate or insufficient sleep can have a negative effect on the skin. It can contribute to early signs of pre-mature skin aging, fine lines or wrinkles and compromised skin barrier. Even though 8 hours of sleep is a good one, always listen to your body.
  • GET REGULAR FACIALS IF YOU CAN– If it’s in your budget, retting regular facials is one of the best ways to maintain healthy, glowing face according to experts. Ideally, go for one facial per month, which falls in time with your skin cells’ renewal cycle.
  • DON’T PICK YOUR SKIN │ POP YOUR PIMPLES! – This is a general rule: Once you done applying your products on your skin, keep your hands off your face for the day. Picking your face- pimples, infections or just itchy areas of your face can make acne worse and even cause it to spread more on areas with no acne.

Real skin has pores, texture, even occasional blemish. The goal is healthy skin, not perfect skin.

I know that acne is annoying because it doesn’t stop spreading on your face. Just when you feel you’re progressing suddenly you are knocked down because of your skin. I just wanted to remind you that it will get better. I found myself in a similar situation not long ago, and I felt that there’s no way out. Find an activity that makes you feel happy about yourself and gives you peace of mind. You can get more inspiration on PINTEREST. Be kind to yourself because this is who you have in the end no matter what.   

Be sure to comment your real struggle with acne here in the comment below.