There are a lot of things we may be doing wrong that’s enlarging our pores instead of shrinking it. Over-production of sebum (skin’s natural oil) is the number one cause of large pores. The food we eat and the products we use on our skin can make our pores look bigger than it is. Moreover, it can make your skin super oily and even cause breakouts.

So, let’s consider these 6 mistakes we’re making that’s causing our pores to enlarge.


Your skin renews itself everyday naturally by shedding off dead skin cells. So by means of exfoliation, you clean or clear off these dead skin cells with the recommended skincare products that can help you do that. Exfoliation is very important in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin. Depending on your skin type, you can exfoliate once or twice a week for a healthy skin. Meanwhile, others choose to exfoliate twice everyday, with a gentle scrub. You can get rid of acne and clogged pores by exfoliating regularly. The Issue comes in here when you over-do it!

Over-exfoliating can do more harm than good for your skin. It causes the skin to dry up, making the sebaceous glands produce excess oil instead of normal, to replace the lost ones. This can result in making your pores looking bigger, skin redness, flaking, and even burning sensation, and you can be the main cause for your acne!


When your skin is clogged with dirt, debris or oil, comedones are formed in the form of blackheads or whiteheads. This happens, especially to people with oily or combination skin. Therefore, It is very important to pay attention to specific ingredients in your skincare products. Comedogenic products mean, skincare products, which include makeup that can clog your pores and cause breakouts because of the ingredients used in it. So, Look for non-comedogenic products. Products that will gently hydrate/moisturize your skin without blocking your pores, or cause any excess oil on the skin.


I heard this many times but never believed that until I experienced it myself. Whenever I eat foods rich in sugar and dairy products, I breakout a lot! But the acne and blemishes start clearing off when I stop eating these foods.

“I regret taking good care of my skin”.

-said no one ever

Research has confirmed that eating too much sugar and dairy products can make acne worse! These foods are really bad for the skin. The reason is that, sugar that has been refined spikes our insulin which actually leads to inflammation. Inflammation and swelling increases the chance of clogged and large pores. Furthermore, making acne red. So, avoid foods like, sugary drinks, candy, white bread, milk and cheese for a healthy skin.


Skincare experts like dermatologists & estheticians warn not to pop or extract your pimples but should be done by a professional! Imagine where your hands has been the whole day, the things it’s touched and stuff.. As you squeeze your pimple trying to extract the pus from it, you introduce dirt and bacteria from your finger. The harder and more you touch or squeeze, the more irritated your skin will get, and that mean more acne! who wants that? So refrain from doing that 🙂


Using blotting paper can be good and still bad for your skin. What is blotting paper used for? Oil on the surface of the skin can be caused by stress, some medication you may be taking, some skincare products you’re over-using, and more. A blotting sheet or paper can serve as an oil control tool for you. It is simply one of the well known skin tools for getting rid of skin’s excess oil. Blotting out excess oil on the surface of the skin using the blotting sheet can seem to help but actually prompts the skin to increase excessive oil production to replace.

The truth is, your skin needs little amount of oil to naturally nourish it. So when you strip them off using this paper, your skin automatically shifts to “protection mode”. Moreover, Your face is filled with makeup, oil, dirt or dust. You blot it with the paper, which is at least, able to remove the shine. Most importantly, remember you’re also pushing back the rest of the dirt, makeup and excess oil into the pores to block it. Which in turns, creates a breeding environment for acne-causing bacteria. So, not only will you end up with enlarged pores and oilier skin, you’ll experience breakouts too! Lastly, ……


Your pillow cases and bed sheets get dirtier than you think and this can cause more acne and breakouts especially if you have acne-prone skin like me 🙂 . This is because of the build-ups of dirt and bacteria from the environment as well as oils from face and hair touching the pillow and back to the skin when you lie on the bed. They should be washed frequently with detergents, free from fabric softeners and fragrances which also make acne worse.

Staying away from these habits can save your skin!

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