Ways To Achieve A Glowing Skin- From Experts

You can have a glowing skin! how? Each day, I see lots of people who have skin issues. Many skin problems seem to develop or become worse as we age. Spots and discoloration are very common, especially for those who have spent a lot of time in the sun. Estheticians and dermatologists will often send people for consultation on skin care and/or recommended treatments for their particular problem.

To have a beautiful skin, one of the most important ways is to protect it from the sun. Years of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin issues. Also, using good skin products is very important. Make sure you are using a product that doesn’t clog your pores and protects your skin from more damage.

glowing skin

Follow This Healthy Skin Routine For A Glowing Skin


glowing skin
  • CLEANSE: Using a cleanser is essential to remove all pollutant from your skin on your face and unclog pores to help you achieve a young-looking beautiful skin.
  • TONER: Toner is a fast penetrating liquid that hydrates your skin, It brings skin back to its natural pH state.
  • SERUM: A serum such as vitamin C is great to use in the morning. A brightening serum will brighten dull skin and help with dark spots and acne scars.
  • SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen with SPF 30+ is essential to help prevent darkening spots, uneven skin tones, and aging skin. It’s important year round even if It’s not sunny
  • MOISTURIZER: Daytime moisturizers tend to be very lightweight so that you can layer them with makeup and not feel greasy
  • PRIMER: Primer allows you to prep your skin for makeup to last longer and minimize your pores.


glowing skin
  • PRE-CLEANSE: Using a makeup wipe, cleansing balm or micellar water to remove dirt, oils and makeup.
  • CLEANSE: Gel or foamy cleansers depending on your skin type to remove any remaining residue. Gentle exfoliators are a good idea to deeply cleanse.
  • TONER: Toner preps your skin for the products to follow and balance your skin’s pH after using a cleanser. Apply toner on a round cotton pad and gently swipe across your face.
  • SERUMS: Serums can address different concerns so don’t be afraid to layer them on your skin.
  • RETINOL: The holy-grail of aging gracefully is a topical vitamin A . This stimulates collagen production to avoid early signs of wrinkles on the face.
  • MOISTURIZER: These can differ depending on your skin type. However, an oil-free water-based moisturizer can work for dry, normal and oily skin.
  • EYE CREAM: Go for vitamin A eye cream that can stimulate collagen production around the eyes to prevent pre-mature eye wrinkles.

Carefully do your own research to find out out which ingredients are great for you in your skin routine. Would you want to know how to create an ideal skincare routine just for your skin type? This POST talks about that!