A Lux Weekend Trip To WildWin Resort

Hey loves! This is your pretty girl Carly, and today, follow me along in today’s article as I’ll be sharing with you my beautiful experience at WildWin Resort. You can find WildWin Resort at Lake Bosomtwe, Ashanti Region of Ghana, just an hour drive from the center of Kumasi. Being able to share my experiences through these few photos I took seem to be more fun to me. Keep reading to know about ‘My ultimate trip to WildWin Resort.’

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Honestly, the year 2021 marks the tenth year I’ve been living in Kumasi here but have never set foot in this beautiful resort until my boyfriend came over for a 3-day visits. I miss him a lot and couldn’t wait for him to come over here so we can have this fun trip together. Because my boyfriend is a traveler who owns Traveltimeafrica.com, he knows awesome places to visit for relaxation, for honeymoon, or wedding. Don’t forget to book a trip with him anywhere in Africa you would love to visit. Be sure to check his website for booking info, car rentals, luxurious yet affordable accommodation, and more.

WildWin Resort is such a perfect place to spend the weekend with either your partner, your family or friends. Well, I also believe It’s a lot more fun coming over there with friends or in groups. Because I’m more of an introverted person, I preferred either spending the time there alone or with my sweetheart to enjoy the serenity.

Travel Time Africa

This resort is the perfect place to stay if you want to relax and hardly lift a finger. There are many all-inclusive resort to choose from which will make your life easier by having all your meals taken care of. No need to wander around thinking about where to eat. I hope you’re ready for the paradise Resort series that’ll be popping in my next blog post.

weekend trip at WildWin
Weekend trip
My weekend trip

While On The Road

Mordecai and I had to order a ride with BOLT to take us to our destination. It was the first time for both of us to visit the resort so we pretty much had some few thoughts on how the road will be like. The Bolt driver was actually very patient, super friendly and kind to us even though the road ahead was terrible. Our journey went great and smooth until we hit a very rough and dusty section which of course we had no idea how the road will be like. Kind of a long 20 minutes drive in the wilderness lol, bushy and dusty! Nevertheless, we hit the clean road afterwards and still drove on….

You know what? I still can confidently say our trip was super awesome, adventurous and very relaxing till we finally got to our destination. The reception was just perfect and a very friendly atmosphere. We spent an hour or two taking pictures and videos, hanging around the lake and more.

WildWin Resort is just for any kind of travelers. Are you the type who likes:

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Boat riding
  • Dining
  • Snorkeling?

Then this is for you!

weekend trip


After taking the BOLT ride to the resort, in fact, we were ready for a good lunch. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good company and a good food? They have all the local dishes you would love. You know what’s amazing about their foods? Everything is fresh from the farm! You just won’t believe it.  Want fufu with light soup or with any of your favorite local soup? The cooks go right into the farm, get everything they need and put them on fire.  In need of grilled tilapia with banku? They get the fresh fishes rom their pond and work on them on fire. Moreover, would you want some fresh fruit juices?  They’ll get them from their farm again and coldpress for you. Everything is 100% organic from their farm. 

Mordecai and I ate my favorite meal; grilled tilapia with banku. Felt like home. We also had popcorn, grilled sausages and some fresh chilled drinks as snacks.

Okay loves, so when are you paying a visit to WildWin resort? Hope soon! You won’t regret that awesome moment.

Which resort have you been recently? Would you love to share?

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