My Favorite Lipstick To Buy When On Budget.

Hi beautiful people! I’m here once again very happy to share with you some of my favorite lip colors that actually look good with my skin tone. very affordable! And besides, quality makeup doesn’t have to be your top priority to make you super happy. while your bank account look sad. and who said you can’t have quality lipstick for less, no matter the brand? You would love to try them when on budget. And you know what? I actually have many colors that i usually like to put on, but you know? each and everyone of us has her favorite like me. I personally bought a new one here that have this cherry red look and i love it so much.

Beauty Model Cherry Red Matte Lipstick

This lipstick from Beauty Model is one of the most affordable lipstick you could have, and it will just give you the kind of look it promises. I love this lipstick because it matches with my skin tone, gives a beautiful facial look, and gives a white teeth appearance too. This lipstick is very pigmented and has a very creamy lip shade. It doesn’t dry and it gives a comfortable feel on the lip. Alright, it’s your turn to give it a try!

Romantic Beauty Matte Lipstick

Hey ladies! one of the lipstick i go for when on budget is romantic Beauty. Are you thinking about a night out with a dramatic bold lip look or just a subtle nude look for a day out? Romantic Beauty has a wide range of colors to complement every skin tone. Check out that one too!

Beyond Beauty lipstick

This is another affordable brand from Beyond beauty cosmetics that i love. This particular type is not matte and not dry on the lip too but has a beautiful gentle sheen and soft glow on the lip. It has varieties of colors and types that suits everyone with their skin tone. I particularly love to use the matte one below that i bought not long ago.

Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick

This beautiful Rimmel lipstick here created by Kate Moss is highly pigmented and it last long up to 8 hours! It is of good quality and of good value. It has a very smooth texture, creamy, moisturizing, good color selection, and inexpensive too. This is a must try if you’re not using it yet!

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