How To Build A Classic wardrobe (From Expert)

How to build a Classic Wardrobe. Did you know there are many factors that might contribute to the reason why you need to build a new wardrobe from scratch? In other words, how to build a classic wardrobe from scratch? Okay so let me try listing some of these factors and see. Maybe you even might be related to some of these factors or reasons.

  • Significant body change
  • Trying to start a different chapter of your life
  • You have a new job. Perhaps, trying to shift to a different version of yourself
  • Your style of clothing has changed
  • Or you want to start a new wardrobe afresh

Which one can you relate to? Don’t worry, they’re all valid reasons. Moreover, just like there’s no end to fashion trends, our lives keep changing also. Our taste of fashion constantly keep changing, who we want to be and how we want to look like. Well, some find it overwhelming and some find this journey to be super exciting! Are you on the other side thinking it’s not going to be fun changing your style of wardrobe? It’s not overwhelming at all. Enjoy this article as I’m going to share with you some awesome guide to help make it easier for you!

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Classy wardrobe style

How To Build A Classic wardrobe (From Expert)

When starting from the beginning, you have the chance to fill your wardrobe with quality pieces of clothe that you love. This won’t happen in just one day. Be aware that online shopping is an ongoing process. It may feel like a slower process at times. Especially on a budget. But it’s worth it taking your time. No rush!

Get Clothes According To Your Body Size:

Well, others might say, “I don’t have any clothes I like right now, but I want to lose weight/gain weight first.” Have you heard that one before? Maybe you’ve even said it before.

There are countless opinions about how you should shop for clothing. Some people buy smaller clothes as motivation. In the end, you do what works for you. But here are my two go-for:  dress for the size you are nowLook good in the size you are now.

I just think, why wouldn’t you dress your body you have now in the best way possible instead of wearing whatever pieces you can find, and later on feeling terrible? The benefit? You’ll look super confident in your outfits!

If you’re totally against buying new clothes for now, then you can replace them with shoes and accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. You can still have fun with your wardrobe and you’ll know they’ll always fit!

Make Every Purchase Count:

Isn’t it annoying buying clothes you later realize you don’t even like that much? In fact, that is after you get home with the clothe right? It’s happened to me couple of times when I went out to get myself some few dresses. Got home and didn’t like two of them that much.

Don’t buy on a whim because you need something at that very moment. Instead of getting whatever cheap clothes you can find, why not use that as an opportunity to pick up some things that would benefit your wardrobe and make you happy? After all, what’s the point of getting clothes you don’t even like? Let’s do this:

I’m finally ready to talk about what kinds of pieces to buy as you build a classy wardrobe from scratch! I never like telling women that “everyone NEEDS” a specific piece so this list is broader and more general so that you can choose pieces that fit YOUR lifestyle and style.

Woman wearing classy dress.

For your pair of trousers:

  • Everyday jeans trousers either medium or dark color
  • A pair or couple of neutral colored jeans trousers
  • A different color you might love, such as blue, white or grey jeans.
Classy wardrobe pair of jean
classy outfits

For your tops (classic wardrobe style)

  • Neutral colored top
  • Pair of solid colored tops. (Pink/girly colors, blue, patterned tops in different colors)
  • Make a list of your favorite colors. Add more to your style.
classy top image
An image of classy outfit
classy wardrobe outfit

For your skirts (Classic wardrobe style)

  • Neutral colored skirts.
  • Couple of white/beige colored skirts
  • Printed skirts or secondary colored
classic skirt
classic wardrobe outfit
classic pencil skirt

Straight dresses

classy wardrobe outfit
classic wardrobe outfit
  • Check your color palette. Which straight colored dress look great on you? Solid color? Neutral color? Minimal, clean, simple? Go for flared, pencil dress or fitting.

Hey loves! hope you enjoyed this awesome article. Don’t forget to make lots of search about some fine color palette inspiration for your classic wardrobe.

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