Iso Dermic Botanics Refreshing Facial Gel Cleanser with Licorice Extract


How To Use:


In the morning, thoroughly massage two pumps all over your face (wet) and rinse off. Pat dry and apply moisturizer. Repeat in the evening.

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A facial cleanser that actually cleanse the face without stripping its natural oil.

There are many facial cleansers out there that are very foamy, too thick or oily and can leave residue on your face right after cleanse. But our facial cleanser  cleanses without causing dryness which makes our facial gel cleanser an exceptional one.

Do you constantly battle with breakouts, excessive shine on your face, or large pores? Oily skin happens when the skin produces more oils than normal which can cause your pores to enlarge, leaving your face too shiny and even cause breakouts.

Our facial gel cleanser is full of antioxidant-based ingredients that your skin will really thank you for. Rich in green tea for fighting acne and blemishes, licorice extract for being a natural skin lightening alternative to harsh damaging chemicals used, and great for aging and sagging skin.


What It Does:

  • Removes dirt and impurities
  • reduces excess shine on the skin
  • Formulated with green tea & licorice extract
  • Leaves your skin with fresh feel

Iso Dermic Botanics


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