Being in the house, especially in this quarantine season can be extremely boring at times. You’re no more hanging out with colleagues at work. You’re no more going out with friends and families, no shopping spree and what have you.

But you know what, it doesn’t have to be boring at all! Do you remember this? You had a lot of to-do-list, but were so busy with work you couldn’t do them? Take a book. Try listing them down one after the other. You’ll be surprised at how much stuffs you’ve got to do to keep yourself busy during this quarantine period.

In this article, i’ll share with you positive ways you can take advantage of this free time on your hands. Enjoy reading these tips I’m sharing with you 😉

How to keep busy:

1. Do Some Self-Care Moment:

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed with all these changes and uncertainty, you deserve a me-time, some self care. Moreover, we live in a very busy world with our time constantly squeezed that we don’t have time for this. But hey, we’re home now! What does self care involves anyway? Let’s see them down here.

  • Okay, so, when was the last time you had an aromatic or a bubble bath?
  • Doing some reading, perhaps, a favorite book of yours?
  • Having a foot soak, a nail file and a pair of scissors for a cute manicure at home?
  • In the morning, listen to music that inspires, motivate or lift your mood up.
  • Enjoy your favorite type of coffee.
  • Prepare a simple meal but your favorite one.
  • Do you have any good friend, or perhaps a family member you miss so much? Call that one and have a chat with over the phone.
  • Mostly, off your phone and spend a quality time with your spouse or family. You can think of more…

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2. Work On a Project:

Do you remember you had a plan to start a favorite project of yours? Could it be a research project? Designing something? Media work? Maintenance work? Writing an article? Painting? or what have you.. You wish you had time but you absolutely had no time to do it? Alright, this is the time. Do it!

3.Learn Something New:

As a beauty therapist or an entrepreneur, I find joy in learning something new about my work. Besides, to succeed in something you’re passionate about, you never should stop learning. For me, I’ve made it a project to do more research about skincare ingredients as much as possible. Because that’s what I’m into anyway lol. What you can also do is maybe try learn a course online. There are many free sites or cheaper sites that offers great courses you might be passionate about. Moreover, people have learnt many tutorials on the how-to-do stuffs here on YouTube. Do a research on how to do something you might love to know. also have some amazing courses at low prices you would want to learn.

4. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) a Project:

You can try doing something like painting your room, sewing a torn clothe or pillow. What about some little repairs in the house you can think of?

5. Watch a Movie:

I love to watch series movies. A wholesome entertaining program wouldn’t be bad though. Which movie have you planned to watch but had no time for it? Have some movie night so you can catch up with those ones.

6. Love Podcast?

Try catching up with the series you missed during your busy hours.

7.Work out at Home

You would love to work out but a lot of gym centers have been closed during these lock-down season. Don’t worry, you can still maintain your fitness routine even being in the house. YouTube has got lots of videos on workout you can do without these gym equipment. Get these more home workout inspiration on Pinterest.

8. Clear Out Some Space in Your House:

There might be probably a lot of stuffs in the house you might not need anymore but no time? You probably wouldn’t get a better chance to do it. This is the time. Some clothes you need to get rid off? Make a profile on a site where all these items can be sold. Furthermore, ladies like me who got tons of makeup brushes, why not make time for it and wash them?

There are in fact, many more things not listed here you can do to keep yourself always busy. What I also love doing sometimes is creating a vision board. Where do you see yourself few months or years to come? Are you on LinkedIn? Can you update your resume or new skills you’ve acquired and look for new opportunities there?

Please remember this. Whatever you plan on doing while being at home, the most important thing is knowing how safe you are. Not only you but also your family and friends you value. Be assured this time will pass . Stay home. Stay safe.

xoxo, Carly..

How have the lock down been for you and your family lately? Let’s share here in the comment button what we have been doing to keep ourselves busy..