Before our time of technology full of emails, text messages, and mobile phones existed, there were beautiful ways our moms, dads, grandmas and grand-dads used to brightens peoples day. Do you know what that was? A big Smile and a warm hug! No matter what emotional problem someone is going through, the person might feel better!

According to research, our face uses 5 primary muscles to produce more than a dozen expressions. Each being a reflection of a specific mood or emotion. So, do you think our expressions can influence how we feel?

Let’s try this experiment and see

Close your eyes for a few seconds and smile as big and bright as you can make. Hold that smile for as long as 30 seconds. Now open your eyes. How did that make you feel?

Research shows that people who maintain their smile during stressful times or while performing stressful task had lower heart rate, which is a sign of lower stress level! Much more, a smile can generate mental relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and improves our immune system. This feeling from a smile can prolong a person’s lifespan.

Are we the only ones who can benefit from our smile? Nope! Others can too..

Smiling is a great form of stress relief, stimulate circulation, and aid in muscle relaxation!

We live in times when anxiety, stress and depression isn’t news anymore, but so common. It could be either us personally going through it, a family member, or a friend. You never know what others are going through, their reasons for becoming who they’ve become, their untold stories, and much more…

There’s nothing beautiful like being through a whole bad day at work or elsewhere, and you’re being embraced with a warm hug and a great smile! When you smile, you send out beautiful messages like, I care about you, I’m available to open up to, I want to be friends with you, I’m willing to talk to you and much more to others.

No matter what you’re going through personally, make the effort to put on a beautiful smile always. Not only will you get its amazing health benefits, but you’ll put a smile on a depressed one’s face too, which can prolong a loved one’s life.

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