Hey favorite people! Carly’s here again to share with you her daily skincare routine using some of her favorite products. I have combination skin type and over the years, I struggled a lot with acne, blemishes and pigmentation. Spent lots of money struggling to get the right products to help me deal with my acne. From pharmaceutical products to recommended products from friends, none of them worked but rather worsened my blemishes. If you haven’t had acne before, you’ll never know how it feels like. The struggle and bad feelings you’ll feel inside, sure some of my dear readers here with oily or combination skin type will agree with me on that.

Quite few months now, a lot of new skincare products were added to my collection and i can tell you that, my basket is flowing with skincare products. Out of these, there are these few products that stand out. Although same brand, thought i’ll love to share them with you.

Are you a skincare lover like I am? Then keep on reading to find out what I’m loving about these particular products…

Pristine Facial Cleanser

Obsessed with the smell of this cleanser with the leaves of pawpaw in it! It is a natural based facial cleanser which is formulated with different organic herbs and vegetable extracts with proven skincare result. Hydrating and perfect for everyday use, even before and after makeup application. This cleanser both cleanses and nourishes my skin and is able to help me with my acne prone skin.

Pristine Apricot Scrub

Like the Pristine facial cleanser, I’ve been loving the apricot scrub so much, been using it for months now and i’m loving the kind of smooth and refreshing feel it gives after exfoliating with it. To maintain a clear skin, it is a must to exfoliate once or twice a week, both your body or your face. I love this type of apricot scrub because it is non-oily and it adds hydration to my skin, not only that, it also exfoliate my skin without drying. I can surely say it hasn’t disappointed me since i started using it, and i’m very happy it’s part of my routine for a clear skin.

Pristine Firming Mask

This type of mask has to be my favorite mask of all time! I’ve tried different types of mask, but choose this one because, It is oil-free, gently exfoliates my skin surface dead cells, and detox my skin. (I really love to keep all my facial skincare products free from oil, to avoid clogging my pores). Pristine firming mask is packed with sweet scented mineral clay with other beneficial botanical ingredients included in it. Never knew i could love this product so much! It’s a type of mask people with all skin type can feel comfortable to use. It is a must to try!

Pristine Witch Hazel Toner

A must toner for your skin if your skin feels dehydrated all the time! They formulated this products with rich ingredients such as aloe, rosemary essence, and rich in amino acid. This really soothes, firms and hydrates my skin and leaves it with a youthful feel without any greasing effect left on my skin. It is very affordable and amazing to use when on budget. Anyone with dry, oily and combination skin can use it. If you’re a lover of skin toner and would love to have one that will soothe, hydrate and nourish your skin but on a budget, i recommend this product for you.

Pristine Natural Moisturizing Lotion

Another new favorite product I love in my daily skincare routine after cleansing and exfoliating, is Pristine natural moisturizing lotion! I used to skip this method a lot at first (moisturize). The reason is that, every facial cream I’ve used on my face will cause breakouts, even when there’s no need to. This rich formula works best for people with dry and sensitive skin. Pristine botanical lotion is enriched with botanical oils like jojoba oil, which doesn’t clog pores, vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Even though dry and sensitive skin types benefits a lot from this product, It’s good and gentle on my combination skin. Ingredients in this product are non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t clog/block pores. I’ve used it so far and it is simply amazing! It has been able to nourish my skin and reduce the appearance of the scars left on my face due to severe acne i had and it’s leaving my skin almost a blemish-free skin! Who knows? this could be a life-saver facial moisturizing lotion for you too!

What skincare products have you been obsessed with lately? I would love to know down below in the comment session.

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