Have you ever felt like wearing while nail polish but thought it’s kind of old fashioned? But is it really old- fashioned? Absolutely not! I am very picky when it comes to nail colors and the weather we’re in and among these many colors, I personally love to wear white color. They simply look classy and beautiful. It is a plus if you’re a bride to be, trust me, you’ll definitely love the color.

White nail polish has remained a beauty mainstay for the past years till now. Do you know you can wear white nails to all occasions? Pure white color is simply gorgeous, and can give you a break from the other heavy colors.

White nail polish is a versatile color which can combine with any color along with its different shades. It makes best combination with blue, black and red. Wearing white nail polish is a sleek and surprising shade that’ll give every outfit you put on a polished look.

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