Who doesn’t agree to this, that we live in a world of fashion today? But, have you ever been invited to an occasion, be it wedding, prom, party or anywhere else and you realized you were improperly dressed to suit the occasion? This will no doubt be embarrassing! You want to adorn yourself with the right accessories no matter the occasion. Either formal or informal settings. Sometimes finding the perfect yet simple accessory to match your outfit can be a real challenge? We don’t want to overdo it and we don’t want to look boring with how we accessorize ourselves either. One good thing is, you can find some good deals of accessories at any budget to save money and at the same time stretch your wardrobe. Talking about accessories, which one(s) do you take delight in?

  • Earring
  • Necklace
  • Hats
  • Finger ring
  • Anklets
  • Hand bag
  • Hair clips or pins
  • Watches
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses

Wearing fashion accessories in a business environment:  

Business outfit is worn by people who want to be taken seriously and professional. Grooming yourself as a business person doesn’t mean you should invest in super expensive clothing and accessories, neither should it be super flashy or appear cheap too. No matter the business occasion , what you groom yourself with, or how you adorn yourself with accessories sends a message about you to others. Even from your hand bag to your briefcase says something about who you are. It can be either negative or positive.

Do you love to put on a scarf in a business firm? Well, it’s fine to wear scarf but be sure it’s accessory scarf and go with a simple knot and not some other type that will make you look unprofessional. Be sure to choose a color that complement your outfit.

Earrings should be very simple and small. Wear necklaces that is not long down to your cleavage. You could avoid wearing of ankle bracelets on formal settings. Do you love taking purse with you maybe, during business conference? A good purse should be small, neutral color, simple and classy. Who knows? you may want to frequently open it to pick up some items, so, it should be easy to open too.

Earring on a formal setting should be classically elegant. Looking glamorous with a small hoop earring isn’t bad too.


Is it a prom night, cocktail party, A night out, or some other semi- formal event? A beautiful sparkling fabric or a silky satin long wear will suit the occasion.

You can go a little extra with the type of ring to wear along with necklace that will complement your dress. A beautiful gemstone along 3 other little ones on your other fingers will be great. But don’t overdo it! others might mistake you for looking desperate.

A hoop earring will also be great if you love ear accessories. But remember, simplicity is the key.

Be creative and artistic when it comes to matching the right type of accessory and your outfit. Wearing of too much accessories can spoil your look for your occasion. I know you love accessories like i do, but we want to be careful how much or many they look on us, concerning earrings, neck pieces, bracelets and finger ring.