The Chique (Chic) Girl Beauty Guide For Effortless Beautiful Skin

Okay so loves! This is Carly once again with some awesome beauty guides for effortless beautiful skin. I’ll be sharing with you what a typical chic girl does to keep her skin beautiful; which includes skincare routine, makeup ideas, and more! Are you ready to get that Chique beauty? Keep reading….

Chique Girl’s Beauty Guide For Effortless Beautiful Skin


The Chique (Chic) Girl Beauty Guide For Effortless Beautiful Skin

Before you even start thinking about going to shop for a bunch of makeup products, how about starting with a beautiful skin? I’m a lover of makeup, but I also love to have underlying beautiful skin. I sometimes find myself going out most without makeup. Why? Because I feel confident walking or roaming more often without makeup on. Imagine I got terrible skin uncomfortable to walk around with?

Moreover, say NO to harsh facial cleansers or heavy facial scrubs here! When it comes to skincare, Chique (Chic) women have a simple approach. In addition, they go heavy with moisturizers.

How about starting an awesome day with a glass of water to stay hydrated? Related: How To Create an Ideal Organic Skincare Routine.



Check out for most rated / top rated skincare products that have the ability to gently cleanse skin without stripping the skin’s natural oils. It should be able to gently remove makeup, dirt, excess oils and other impurities. It definitely should leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. Check out Iso Dermic Botanics Skincare Products too.

NIGHT CREAM: What are night creams for? They are widely used for repairing & renewing the skin cells at night. Moreover, helps you wake up with fresher and youthful skin. Great as anti-aging too!

BODY CREAMS / LOTIONS: Look out for a multi-purpose moisturizing body cream or lotion that heals, protects and nourishes your skin. (Stay away from bleaching ingredients). Some of these lotions are safe enough to use on the body, hands, face and lips. It should be able to soothe your skin and help with dryness during cold weather.

TONERS: Check out for gentle toners if you’re a lover of toners. It should be able to soothe irritated skin and redness. I’m obsessed with toners infused with chamomile. In addition to its soothing properties, It also calms the skin!

FACE OILS: Are you a lover of face oils /serum? Make sure to look out for the ones rich in blends of plant oils and vitamins too. They add a healthy shine to your skin & help you stay moisturized.


makeup for beautiful skin

Chique Women view makeup as an option. Makeup is not something they have to wear it almost every day. When Chique women wear makeup, they keep it very light and natural! They have super fun putting on makeup, but it just doesn’t have to be an hour or more process. Which involves starting off with primer, the shimmers, bronze, glows to finishing spray. Not too many Chique women wear bold lashes, put on contour with super bold brows too.


Do you have dark spots, under-eye dark circles, perhaps you’ll like to cover up a little bit? Look out for a light foundation or a concealer. I mentioned light here because you’re going for a natural makeup?

For an eye makeup, opt for all kinds of natural shades for daytime outings. (soft gold, rose or brown color; nude colors). You can also do more search to get more inspirations on nude color shades.

Shape your eyebrows….but in a natural way! Go for a clear gel or a tinted gel instead of the whole brow contouring thing.

Though Chique women are not so much into contouring, they are big on highlighting! This is key to getting that effortless glow.

You can’t forget blush. Put some on the nose too for a sun-kissed effect.

Even if you don’t often apply it, mascara makes a world of difference! It makes your eyes pop.

The “no makeup” or natural look is a real thing.

If you’re a lover of night outings, have more fun with your makeup and try out a smoky eye! Smokey eye look is super fascinating if properly done. Or consider doing bold lips but a bare face. If you have a bold lip the rest is usually very light and vice versa. Cat eyes are popular too! It used to be always difficult for me drawing the cat eye look but I continued having fun with it till i knew how to do it. Have fun with makeup and use it to express personality and enhance beauty, but don’t try to look like somehow else or hide your beautiful features!

Always remember to cleanse your makeup off before bedtime.


fragrance for effortless beauty

Check out for something classic with feminine & mild scent, not trendy!


XOXO.. Carly