Jarrah Carly Licernia is my name. Welcome to my skincare blog!

I am a Beauty Therapist whose passion and love for skincare started right from when I was at a young age.

Every adolescent go through hormonal changes, and same with the skin. So that is what inspired me to learn more about skincare and to one day find myself in the beauty industry. As a beauty Therapist, i believe through healthy lifestyle, the food we eat so to say, our diet and effective skincare routine, you will definitely have a beautiful skin. 

The main objective of Carly skincare is focusing on sharing with my  dear readers some useful and healthy skincare routine for a beautiful, healthy, vibrant and youthful looking skin! 

I really appreciate each and everyone of my readers, and how thrilled I am to form some lovely friendships over years to come. 

Comments and suggestions are welcomed! 

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