A picture depicting a woman's Buttocks augmentation/enhancement
Butt enhancement

Why buttocks enhancement?

Buttocks enhancement or augmentation involve use of artificial devices, objects or substances placed in the buttocks to create some volume in the area.

The desire to get bigger butt has been in existence for more than a decade but trending now in our days more than ever before. Why do women yearn to have bigger butt?

However, some women come from families that have big bodies and big butts.. made to inherit big butt because it runs in their family. While that’s not the case with other women. In the western side of the world come famous celebrities who have spent from thousands to millions of dollars to get their “behind” done by their favorite surgeon. Well, I know many of these ones have come to your mind now.

Okay let me mention famous Kim Kardashian West butt augmentation/ surgery. We know Kim for that! 🙂

A picture of Kim Kardashian West before and after butt augmentation

In addition, people know famous singer and rapper Nicki Minaj from Trinidad to be a goddess when it comes to fake butt phenomena. Moreover, many Ghanaian celebs have also fall prey to this trend. Benedicta Gafah, Princess shingle, Moesha Budoung, Salma Mumin, are all part.. search on Google to find out. lol

A picture of Nicki Minaj before and after butt augmentation

So where did all these come from? Sadly, it all lies in celebrity culture and rapid increase in the amount of pornography. Did you know, centuries ago women such us Marilyn Monroe and other women of her time were so obsessed with cleavages? Beyond majority of women today are obsessed with having big butt. The question is, is it safe to have butt enhancement or augmentation? If it’s not safe, then why do they do it?

Types of buttocks enhancement procedures

To summarize, there are different types of procedures women undergo, but with one primary goal, that is to achieve or enhance the shape of their buttocks. Yet, some overdo it and end up distorting their body shape! The various ways are:

  • Fat transfer/fat grafting/Brazilian butt lift : involves the surgeon extracting fat in certain areas of the body to obtain fat- especially the abdomen or thigh area and inject it into the buttocks to add volume. Surgeons often combine silicone implants to let them achieve a natural look.
  • Sculptra butt lift– involves the use of a filler called sculptra to inject the tissue of the buttocks. The sculptra adds volume at the time of the injection, and collagen is able to form within few weeks or month which helps in increasing the volume of the buttocks. Sessions are undergone to see difference.
  • Hydrogel/silicone butt injection: Although cheaper, hydrogel shots gives temporary results and does not require more surgeries to achieve result. Silicone injections are not safe!
  • Silicone implants: So unlike the silicone injections, the buttocks is being cut so the solid silicone material can be pushed inside there to add volume to that area. It takes up to one month to recover from it.
  • Liposuction: In this procedure, like the fat grafting, is to remove excess fat in certain fatty areas of the body with sharp tools in the abdomen and thigh area to inject the buttocks for a maximum volume.
A man performing liposuction
A surgeon performing liposuction
a picture showing a fat grafting of butt enhancement
butt augmentation

Any pros?

  • Since some of these procedures utilizes the clients own fats, the results are more natural and gives a soft feeling butt.
  • Besides, some of these procedures are cheap (butt injection/silicone injections) and look attractive too 🙂

Any cons?

  • Pain and risk involved- Because large and sharp objects are being inserted into these sensitive areas, some patients experience serious health issues afterward.
  • Some patients suffer from infections to tissue death.
  • Hardening of the materials being inserted in the butt and other health risk associated with unregulated of these butt implants materials.
  • Hematoma also called bleeding
  • Infections
  • Poor wound healing
  • Numbness or changes in skin sensation
  • Pain, which may persist
  • Pulmonary complications
  • Unfavorable scarring of the butt
  • Cardiac complications
A picture showing serious health effect from butt enhancement
A serious serious health effect from butt enhancement

Furthermore, you wouldn’t want your butt to look like this right? Or would you be okay hiding it under your clothe? Or would you Photoshop it and put on social media just like celebs do? Appreciate more who you are on the inside, because that is what matters most. Your inner beauty, that’s what makes you more attractive. Focus more or enhancing your natural skin tone and beauty and you’re good to go 🙂

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