As a woman, I love to go out often. Either running errands or out to do my stuffs out there. I’ve always been interested to know what my fellow women love to keep in their bag before they go out. So today, i’ll be sharing with you guys what I keep in my cute bag before going out.

Things I, let me say, ‘almost’ have here with me in my bag, which i call them ‘necessities’, or bag essentials.

  • Before going straight in my bag, i have a little purse I love to keep my keys, and of course  my health insurance and hospital cards, because i don’t know what might happen out there and then  few minty chewing gums to freshen up my breath, all go in the little purse  and then I drop it in my bag.  
  • I have inside my bag a portable phone charger which i love to take along with me even though not everyday, which really saves me couple of times when my battery dies and i really need to make urgent calls.
  • I always make it my goal to have at least one or two bottles of water with me anytime i go out so i can stay hydrated, especially during this hot weather.
  • Because i don’t drive, i sometimes get bored in a bus. So what i usually do is, i always remember to take my earphone and tablet along with me to entertain myself by watching nice movies and listening to good music. 
  • The next thing i love to have in my bag is a little deodorant to freshen up myself sometimes when there is a need to. I usually love to have Rose deodorant.
  • Next few items in my bag are lip and eye liners, lip balm and lip gloss to always keep my lips fresh and well moisturized to avoid dry and dull lip look.
  • Dry and dull hands are boring, so i love to have a hand cream in my bag to keep my hands moisturized and soft.
  • One of the most  important item i never forget to have in my bag is a hand sanitizer. we all catch dirt out there with germs and bacteria, along with handshakes and stuffs. So having a 99.9% germs killer hand sanitizer with me  saves me from needless infections.
  • I really enjoy taking pictures especially when i find myself somewhere cool and beautiful, even when sometimes i have no one to take a picture of me, that’s why i carry along with me my little camera and my selfie stick. [Not a necessity].
  • The last thing i have in my bag is a little loose powder or a face powder to remove any trace of shine around my T-zone, because of my skin type.